Online Payments

People nowadays are using more than one online payment methods. Customers are trying to tailor the application and method as per their convenience.

We accept different types of online payment methods like UPI, mobile payments, mobile wallets, etc. payment space is shifting more towards the digital side. By enabling different payment methods, online store can enhance the opportunities of conversion.

Credit/Debit card payments:

As a global payment solution, we open up a global market by allowing card-based payment acceptance by merchants. Bank cards are used to access financial accounts with the associated bank account and include credit cards, debit cards, and even prepaid cards

Credit cards are convenient and safe to use. The customer only needs to enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV, which was added as a safeguard. By comparing client information and the CVV number, the CVV aids in the detection of fraud. Customers who shop online within their financial means typically prefer debit cards. The primary distinction between a debit card and a credit card is that a debit card can only be used to make purchases using funds that are already in a bank account. Apart from a credit card, where payments are made at the completion of the billing cycle after the spent amount has been billed. Bank cards are accepted by reputable electronic payment processors like Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Union Pay, and DBBL Nexus.

Mobile Banking:

Customers will find a speedy solution with this digital payment method. The user simply needs to download the necessary software and start using their new mobile payment option to make purchases. Almost all mobile banking applications, including bKash, Nagad, Upay, Roket, and Surecash, are supported by Sarabela.



One of the newest trends offers a completely new purchasing experience: the digital wallet. E-wallets are getting more and more common at a startling rate.

Both retailers and customers must sign up for digital wallets. They can deposit or withdraw money after setting up a digital wallet account and connecting it to their bank account.

An e-wallet makes the entire process simple and quick. E-wallets, which are thought of as an instantaneous and sophisticated digital payment method, can be coupled with mobile wallets using sophisticated functions.

Customer data, several credit/debit cards, and bank accounts are all stored in prepaid e-wallet accounts. It requires one-time registration and does away with the requirement of repeatedly inputting information when making payments.


Internet Banking /Bank transfers:

Bank transfers are still seen as a crucial form of payment for us even though they are less common these days. It is regarded as a payment method to use “if everything else fails.” Bank transfer payment alternatives are extremely popular with Sarabela e-Commerce stores.

It is a straightforward method of making payments for online purchases and does not require the user to have a card. The customer has access to all financial channels to pay Sarabela.

Cash On Delivery

Every customer in Bangladesh prefers to pay with cash after receiving their goods, as cash is king. It takes the shape of the Cash-On-Delivery option for Sarabela.

Physical products and Cash-On-Delivery transactions frequently involve cash. Cash on delivery does not always imply that clients make cash payments primarily (they can use cards, mobile payments as payment terminals are often available with delivery agents).