Customer Support

We build a strong customer support team, clients can contact us 24/7. Our customer support team maintaining multichannel support methods like PHONE CALL, EMAIL, LIVE CHAT, SOCIAL MEDIA (facebook, instagram, tweeter etc..) to get the answers clients require. Our team has received the necessary training to comprehend the needs of customers and the duties we are assigning to them.

Customer support interactions have the potential to have a significant impact in customer  mind and our company’s reputation, they play a significant role in how our customers feel about our product and brand overall.

Customer Support Responsibilities

Depending on our customers, responsibilities could look a little bit different, but the list of the most frequent tasks our team members perform each day is provided below.

  • Accept consumer calls on the phone.
  • Review and update to inquiries and requests sent via email.
  • operate a live chat service for customer requests on our website.
  • React to requests, direct messages, and comments on social media
  • Handle all customer compliments, complaints, and feedback (and escalate them if and when necessary)
  • Inform consumers about product or service information as needed
  • Explain the product or service inside and outside to provide ample support.
  • Changing, upgrading, or terminating accounts and subscriptions.
  • When trying to solve clients’ problems, suggest solutions based on their particular requirements and objectives.
  • Customers should be worked with until they believe their problems have been handled. Long-term problems should be solved.

As you can see, your customer service team completes a variety of duties each day.

Customer Service Methods

Nowadays, our clients may want to be able to contact through our multichannel customer support method. We maintain most popular customer care methods are available in below.

  • Phone: Our customer support team manages a phone support line that all of our customer support team are able assist clients as they require. Support Phone +88 01882013000
  • Email: Ensure that our customer support staff has a shared email account where consumers may send inquiries and questions in exchange for meaningful, written responses. Customer may reach us  or
  • Live chat: Live chat will assist our staff in managing instant message conversations they have with clients on our website pages.
  • Social media: Regardless of whether users are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social site, we are always monitoring direct messages, comments, and notifications for any inquiries that require answers
  • Tickets: Customers have the option of submitting a ticket through your website (using our ticketing software) to be instantly added to a queue and receive the assistance they require once their turn arrives.
  • Community: In a customer-driven community, users can share expertise and insights and gain from one another. When customers consistently bring up a certain issue, our support team looks for ways to offer support in the information that is posted in the community.